Bloom Into Your Being

“Hemashri” is a Hindu name meaning “One with a Golden Body”. This name was chosen because my passion lies in nurturing my divine, golden body and helping people achieve their ultimate healthy, beautiful body through the practices of Ayurveda, Jyotish, unique Wellness Clothing and advice from the heart, as well as, the wisdom that is all around.

Out of curiosity and just for fun I read that Hemashri’s numerology number is 9.

“People with this name tend to be very inspired, intuitive, and creative. Their aim is to improve the world and can be quite altruistic. They strive to see the “Big Picture” and achieve their dreams.”

While my name’s number is 1, I scrolled down the page to my surprise to find this:

“Your Inner Dream number is: 9. You dream of being creative, intellectual, and universal; the selfless humanitarian. You understand the needy and want to help them. You would love to be a person people count on for support and advice.”

What a splendid synchronicity there! :) And so my Hemashri dreams begin here. I hope to write about as much as my heart and mind can give you and delight in your presence (even though I can’t see you) while sharing in the oneness that we all are. Here’s to the beauty and ease of this world thanks to this miraculous device known as blogging and the Internet! And here’s to the launching of Hemashri! Happy Reading!

You can check out what your name means and your numerology number here: Name Meaning 


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